Teamwork makes the DreamWork

This is still our motto. We are friends, colleagues and business partners at equal level, and some of us have known each other for decades. As an interdisciplinary team with roots in Munich and the US, we have professional experience from a wide range of industries and offer the right contact person for each area.

From idea to mission

In spring 2021, we came across the topic of NFT. With the help of our professional experience in consulting and IT, combined with curiosity about the topic, minth was founded a few months later. Since then, we have been passionate about supporting startups, medium-sized companies and corporations in their successful entry into Web3 through customized NFT strategies. Our expertise focuses on consulting, conception, strategy development and technical implementation. In addition to operational and strategic collaboration with companies, our mission is to share knowledge about NFTs, Blockchain, Web3 and the Metaverse.

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Our vision is the NFT Mass Adoption

We are convinced that in the future everyone will own an NFT. At the latest when official documents such as passports or ID cards are digitalized. NFTs also offer so much more and provide meaningful application areas as well as useful added value for companies and their customers. We want to play our part in the spread and adoption of the technology by transferring knowledge in an understandable way and designing sustainable NFT projects. Education is the Key to Mass Adoption!

one team - several specialties

As an interdisciplinary team with professional experience from a wide range of industries, we offer you the right contact person for each area.

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Marc Hiller
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