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RTL Deutschland

Fabian Vollbach

Head of creative direction at RTL Germany

"As the RTL brand, it is important for us to make the best possible use of innovations and the opportunities they offer. For this reason, it was important for us to also recognize the fundamentals and possibilities of Web3 from the very beginning. The minth team did a great job of showing us how we could implement a Web3 strategy."

Haufe Metaverse

Iris paech

Head of Online Marketing Haufe akademie

"As a leading provider in the field of continuing education, we are naturally always on the lookout for new learning experiences that go beyond the existing. For this reason, together with minth, we decided to integrate Web3 technologies and virtual rooms. Our Metaverse project quickly generated a lot of euphoria and enthusiasm. We're already looking forward to expanding virtually to provide more innovative experiences for our customers."

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Foot Locker NFT Projekt

NFT Project with foot Locker

The project concept aims to both attract new members to Foot Locker's loyalty program and reward existing members in an innovative way. Two factors in particular are crucial for this: user-friendliness and added value.

The result: the target number of registrations was exceeded by double. To find out more about the project, click here.

We are proud to have created the most popular loyalty program campaign at Foot Locker with this project.


Most popular loyalty program campaign

Web3 Onboarding of
Web2 customers

Increase sales through cross-selling


NFT project with 4Bro

With the aim of binding the young GenZ target group even more closely to the brand and strengthening its own loyalty program, an NFT collection was created offering exclusive benefits for owners. The NFTs could only be purchased with a certain amount of the brand's own loyalty points, which resulted in successful cross-selling of the entire range. In addition to increasing sales, very successful word-of-mouth marketing emerged as NFT owners actively promoted the purchase of the products on social media. The background: NFT owners are allowed to co-determine the flavors and benefit from the sales figures.


Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Increase in Sales Figures

Increase Customer Loyalty


Metaverse Project with haufe

With the advent of innovative and disruptive technologies, the education sector faces several challenges. One key challenge is to adapt traditional learning and training offerings to the new requirements and opportunities of the metaverse.

The Haufe Academy focuses on gamification, education, innovation and fun. By integrating playful elements and an interactive learning environment, learning becomes an entertaining experience. The Haufe metaverse also provides space for innovative ideas and enables users to actively participate and jointly develop new approaches to solutions. It creates a virtual community where like-minded people can meet, learn from and inspire each other.


Improving the customer experience

Increasing the engagement rate

Innovative product marketing

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Web3 Beratung Florian Suckfüll

Discover your use case: Web3 Workshop

Get a comprehensive overview of the Web3 world and the business opportunities. Our Web3 workshop aims to develop customised Web3 strategies that are aligned with business objectives and deliver clear benefits to the business and their customers.

Web3 Loyalty Framework Basis

Customer retention 3.0: Web3-Loyalty-Framework

We know how customer loyalty works on the web3 and have already been able to prove this in several projects. We have developed a framework with which we will give customer loyalty measures a long-term boost.

minth Web3 Erstanalyse

The Kickstart: Web3 Potential factory

With our free initial analysis, we show companies what options are available to them based on an inventory and best practices on the market. We also package the implementation possibilities in an initial free concept.

minth Web3 Workshop

Sustainable benefits with your own app: 90-Days-Mvp

We build your Customer Loyalty & Community MVP as a web and/or mobile app within just 90 days. From the first idea to the finished product in the app and in the Google Playstore, we take responsibility for the project.

minth App

Lifetime Value Booster: Community Hub

Take advantage of a community hub, gamification and cross engagement as a hub for communication to customers and sustainable customer engagement.

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Web3 Beratung Florian Suckfüll

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We built a virtual showroom to create a new experience and give our visitors a glimpse into the Metaverse.

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