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NFT Agentur & Beratung

Concept & Realization

Our core business is the integration of Web3 technologies in a user-friendly way.

NFT Agentur & Beratung

In-time & in-budget

Our technical and methodological know-how enables the achievement of the KPIs In-Time & In-Budget.

NFT Agentur & Beratung


All processes are carried out by us and our extensive partner network.

Value added from NFT and metaverse projects

successful use cases



After purchasing a sports car, the buyer receives a digital likeness in the form of a limited edition that gives the owner access to exclusive events, discounts on future purchases and other benefits. In this way, the brand creates a community and connectedness that goes beyond the physical product. As the dealership extends the experience beyond the purchase and pioneers Web3 technologies, new customer groups become aware of the brand.


Increasing brand loyalty

Creation of exclusivity

Addressing new customers



With the aim of connecting the target group even more closely with the brand and strengthening its own loyalty program, a collection of unique NFTs was created. The NFTs could be purchased exclusively with the brand's own loyalty points, which encouraged potential customers to buy the product. In addition to providing exclusive advance access to limited varieties, the NFT serves as a ticket to the brand's internal clubhouse, which also hosts influencers and celebrities.


Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Increase in Sales Figures

Increase Customer Loyalty


In order to make the way of interaction as well as the experience of the brand more appealing and accessible to a new target group, a metaverse presence was to be established. The endless possibilities in the digital space to present various content in a playful and easily consumable way significantly increases interaction, which is why deliberate attention was paid to an exceptional user experience and gamification possibilities.


Increase omnipresence

Increasing the engagement rate

Innovative product marketing

Create holistic customer profiles and combine web2 & web3 data

Data gold of Web3

Web3 Data Customer Profile

Supplement your customer profiles with qualitative data

"The Web3 wallet is the new cookie. Web3 will be embedded in all websites and will be the interface to the user's wallet. It's a new layer of data."

Salesforce, 2023