The Team
behind minth

We are friends, colleagues and business partners at eye level. As an interdisciplinary team, we have professional experience from a wide range of industries and offer the right contact person for every project.

drives us.

our Vision

Early on, we developed a passion for the technology behind NFTs. With the help of our professional experience in consulting and IT, combined with curiosity about the topic, minth was founded a few months later.

Since then, we have been passionate about supporting startups, medium-sized companies and corporations in their successful entry into Web3 through customized Web3 strategies.

our Mission

In addition to operational and strategic collaboration with companies, our mission is also to impart knowledge about NFTs, Blockchain, Web3 and the Metaverse.

We are convinced that in the future, everyone will call an NFT their own. At the latest when official documents such as passports or ID cards are digitized. NFTs also offer other useful areas of application as well as useful added value for companies and end customers. We would like to contribute our part to the dissemination and adoption of the technology through a comprehensible knowledge transfer and the conception of sustainable NFT projects. Education is the Key to Mass Adoption!

Web3 without complexity

Web3 must be usable for everyone. That's why our concepts and solutions always focus on the user experience. We develop Web2-friendly Web3 processes & solutions with our customers.

First Mover

Currently, the technology still offers enormous growth potential and we would like to support companies to use this. As the first full service Web3 consultancy in Germany, we are fully focused on the specifics of German regulations.

One team - Three specialties

As an interdisciplinary team with professional experience from a wide range of industries, we offer you the right contact person for each area.

Florian Suckfüll minth

Florian Suckfüll

Management & Strategy

Marc Hiller minth

Marc Hiller

Product & Tech

Lukas Glatt minth

Lukas Glatt

Marketing & Design