Community as a Web3 success factor

Our out-of-the-box software increases the customer lifetime value of your customers through new ways of interacting with your brand. The white-label solution can be fully customized to your company's CI.

A strong community ensures a strong bond with the brand

Get more out of it

Revolutionize your customer relationship

The focus of a Web3 project is much more on the interpersonal, rather than transactional, relationship. It's about people connecting with each other and building a deeper connection with their favorite brands. To support sustainable community building, we offer a software solution that directly adds value to your Web3 project.

Communiy Based Engagement
Directly add value to your NFT or Metaverse project

Your own social hub


Get started right away and bring your customers to your own platform without wasting a lot of resources on developing a new solution.

White-Label App

Signing up does not require a new account, installing a crypto wallet, or using cryptocurrencies.

minth NFT Agency

Token gating

The NFT serves as a digital access key to restricted areas and content within the platform.

NFT added value with berryfy's out-of-the-box solution

It's extremely important for brands to start building a community. Create a home for customers who want to actively engage with each other and with your brand. Strong communities support the business model and strengthen customer loyalty to the brand.

Berryfy for Andoid and iOS