Individual NFT & Metaverse Strategies

Leverage the full potential of Blockchain, Web3 and Metaverse for your business model. With our proven consulting approach, you can perfectly align your company for the future.

We develop user-friendly Web3 solutions

Our approach

minth web3 strategie

four dimensions

The four dimensions complement each other and together pursue the goal of increasing sales and customer loyalty in the long term and sustainably. Our expertise in the areas of processes, technology, marketing and legal requirements enables us to make decisions quickly.

NFT Agentur & Beratung

Utility first

Web3 must make sense. We make sure that your Web3 project creates a real benefit and added value for your company and especially for your customers.

NFT Agentur & Beratung

User friendliness

Web3 should not be complicated. Our strategies are designed so that all your customers can find their way around and be part of your NFT or Metaverse project without any prior knowledge.

NFT Agentur & Beratung


Web3 should be thought of in the long term. We are at the beginning of a new evolutionary stage of the Internet and secure future competitiveness with a sustainable go-to-market strategy.

So you can quickly see what works best for you


minth NFT & Metaverse Strategie

set up

In BM development, it is important to involve the right stakeholders from the outset. Accordingly, both the goals and the participants are defined in advance.


In the idea phase, the possible extensions of the Web3 business model are elaborated and selected with the help of various creative tools, so that the three most promising ones are elaborated in the next phase.

minth NFT Strategie
minth NFT & Metaverse Strategie


The third phase involves the development of an individually tailored strategy. In doing so, we pay attention to increasing customer value or achieving the same customer value at a lower price. For this purpose, the Web3 trends are consulted and different variants are developed together with the Value Proposition Canvas.


In the next step, we test the established theses by prototyping with the potential customers. This can be done, for example, as part of a small project. The feedback helps to optimize the alignment, ensure the right use of resources and guarantee long-term success.

minth NFT Consulting
minth NFT & Metaverse Strategie


The last phase is used to select the most economical variant from a decision template