Project management from kickoff to launch

Starting with the organization of the Web3 Discovery Workshop, we accompany your company during the entire project and beyond, if desired.

we document the entire project for all parties involved

everything at a glance

development of a master plan

Frequently, several service providers work together on NFT and Metaverse projects. For this reason, stringent overall project management is necessary. For this purpose, we have created our NFT Master Plan and already established it in practice.

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Cockpit minth

Creation of a project cockpit

In terms of content, we always consider four dimensions in a project: Concept, technology, design and customer engagement. Only when these are in harmony can the goal be achieved. Since we can deliver everything from a single source, this creates optimal traction between the individual areas.

interactive collaboration

To facilitate collaboration and encourage visual brainstorming among team members, we use our tech stack for real-time collaboration.

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An NFT project requires the optimal control

NFT management

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design template tuning

Good design is crucial for success. Identification with the values of the brand should at best be achieved through the design.

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Concept of the smart contract

Our goal is to create a secure, custom smart contract for Web3 projects using Ethereum and Polygon blockchain solutions.

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Choice of the way of distribution

The sale can be done through Crypto, Dollar, Loyalty Points or as a gift in the form of an Airdrop. We enable all distribution channels for your NFT.

The creation of a virtual world requires a holistic approach

Metaverse management

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Choosing the right platform

With a catalog of criteria tailored to you, we will find the optimal platform together.

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After creating the mood board, we design the space to achieve the set goals and KPIs.

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Control of the entire project

With our project management and technology expertise, we support you in the implementation of the project.