Revolution in education: How the metaverse brings change

Discover what the future of learning can look like through immersive metaverse experiences and virtual educational worlds. We present our success story with the Haufe Akademie.

The Haufe Academy - their path to top performance and satisfaction

Haufe Akademie Metaverse

State of the art

As a renowned further education institute from Germany, the Haufe Akademie offers a wide range of seminars, training courses and further education programmes for specialists and managers from various fields. The Haufe Akademie's products are offered through various sales channels, including online platforms, catalogues, direct sales and customised in-house training.

With over 70 years of experience and an extensive network of experts, the Haufe Akademie's claim is to always have its finger on the pulse of the times in order to always make its services and products effectively and excitingly accessible. Only in this way can the Haufe Akademie always guarantee outstanding results and happy employees and customers.

The Challenges

With the emergence of innovative and disruptive technologies, Haufe Akademie faces a number of challenges. A key challenge is to adapt the traditional learning and training offerings to the new requirements and possibilities of the Metaverse. The metaverse offers immersive and interactive experiences enabled via virtual and augmented realities. Haufe Akademie therefore needs to develop new formats to provide learners with a unique and engaging learning experience in the metaverse. This includes the integration of virtual reality simulations, interactive 3D environments and other innovative technologies. It is crucial that Haufe Akademie continuously engages with the latest developments in the metaverse and adapts its offerings accordingly to remain relevant in this fast-changing environment.

The Solution

The Evolvia, Haufe Akademie's own and closed metaverse, offers a unique atmosphere in an Avatar-like style and comprises three core areas.

In the cinema room, lectures, keynotes and other events are broadcast either live or as recordings to offer users an interactive and immersive experience.

The education room allows users to consume various content and further their education at interactive stations. Here, models and processes can also be perceived in 3D to develop a deeper understanding.

The networking area serves as a meeting point and central hub where users can exchange ideas and network at the bar.

The Evolvia focuses on gamification, education, innovation and fun. By integrating playful elements and an interactive learning environment, learning becomes an entertaining experience. Evolvia also offers space for innovative ideas and enables users to actively participate and jointly develop new approaches to solutions. It creates a virtual community where like-minded people can meet, learn from and inspire each other.

With the Evolvia, Haufe Akademie is taking an innovative step to meet the needs of learners in the metaverse and offer them a unique and enriching educational experience.

Haufe Akademie Web3

Die Umgebung

The decision to use a fictional world like the one in Avatar as a reference for the Evolvia makes sense, as such worlds offer profound immersion and unique visual elements. The Avatar universe is known for its stunning nature, vibrant colours and imaginative creatures. By capturing similar visual and atmospheric elements, the Evolvia creates an engaging environment that immerses users in another reality.

Making the learning experience fun is important to increase learner engagement and motivation. Play and learning often go hand in hand, as games offer intrinsic rewards, challenges and an active, participant-centred approach. By incorporating playful elements such as gamification techniques, puzzles, challenges and rewards, the Evolvia can increase learner interest and willingness to participate. The playful element also allows for active trial and error, making mistakes and learning from mistakes, which can lead to deeper understanding and better absorption of knowledge.

Furthermore, making the learning experience playful provides a relaxed and accessible environment where learners can unleash their creativity and experiment freely.

This promotes a positive learning atmosphere and helps information to be better understood and retained. By combining educational content with fun and interactive elements, the Evolvia creates an enjoyable learning environment that increases motivation and the fun factor.

Overall, the playful design of the Evolvia learning experience allows learners to actively participate, enjoy learning and continue their education in an innovative and entertaining way.

Die Implementierung

The implementation of Evolvia took place over several months and started with the development of a rough concept. In this phase, opportunities and risks were identified and analysed, while sketches and gamification ideas were drafted. A key focus was always on ensuring that Evolvia as a learning environment offers participants a clear benefit and at the same time serves the corporate goals of Haufe Akademie.

After the development of the rough concept, work was done in sprints to further refine and elaborate the concept in detail. In these sprints, regular iterations were carried out to ensure that the intended goals for Evolvia remained in focus. Feedback from the target group and the team was used to continuously improve Evolvia and adapt it to the needs of the users. During the implementation process, there was also close collaboration with various disciplines, including experts in Web3 technologies, educational content, 3D modelling and interaction design. This collaboration allowed the Evolvia to be developed with a holistic approach and to ensure that all aspects of the learning environment were optimally implemented.

The iterative approach and the regular review of the objectives ensured that Evolvia was continuously brought on track and met the high standards of Haufe Akademie. In this way, it was possible to create a learning environment that offers users clear added value and at the same time supports the company's goals.

How new customer experiences pay towards the goals of Haufe Akadmie

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Improved learning experience

By integrating gamification elements, interactive content, and an engaging avatar world, the Evolvia can provide an enhanced learning experience. Learners can actively participate, apply their knowledge, and develop their skills through interactive challenges. This leads to deeper understanding and more sustained knowledge absorption.

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Increase learning engagement

Making the sEvolvia learning experience fun can significantly increase learning engagement. By making learning an entertaining and interactive experience, motivation and the fun factor are increased. This in turn leads to higher participation and learning success.

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Promotion of innovation

Evolvia offers an environment in which creative ideas and innovative approaches are encouraged. Through interactive exchange and the opportunity to develop new solutions, users can unleash their creative potential and contribute to the further development of ideas. This helps to promote innovation and create new approaches.

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Effective knowledge transfer

Through the use of 3D models and simplified representations, complex concepts and processes can be vividly conveyed in Evolvia. Learners have the opportunity to experience and visualize content in an immersive environment, leading to more effective knowledge absorption.

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Community building and networking

Evolvia creates a virtual community where like-minded people can meet and exchange ideas. This promotes network building, experience sharing, and collaboration. By networking within Evolvia, users can expand their professional network and benefit from the experience of others.

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