Technical implementation of the concept

The possibilities range from an interactive website with wallet integration to complex smart contracts, animated 2D & 3D designs and a proprietary Metaverse platform.

Together with our partners, we supply the entire technical scaffold

web3 components

Website Web3 Wallet

Website with wallet integration

To improve the customer experience, a website with wallet integration is essential. This allows the so-called "mint" (initial purchase) to be processed in one's own ecosystem, a login and token gate to be integrated, and the metadata of the NFT to be displayed without having to switch to a trading center.

Audited smart contracts

We specialize in the development of ERC-721 & ERC-1155 smart contracts running on the Ethereum Blockchain or the Layer 2 solution Polygon. To ensure maximum security when the smart contract goes live, they are audited again by independent and qualified developers.

NFT Smart Contract
NFT Design

Design matching the brand

Whether for an NFT or an avatar in the metaverse, the design should fit the project and even more so the brand. The possibilities range from static 2D sketches to animated 3D figures and entire virtual landscapes.

Visit us in the Metaverse

We built a virtual showroom to create a new experience and give our visitors a glimpse into the Metaverse.

Into the metaverse