Ultimate Customer Experience. Ultimate Lifetime Value.

With our Web3 loyalty framework, we present the perfect solution to the ubiquitous problem of declining customer lifetime values due to monotonous measures of customer retention and activation.

The perfect solution for reviving customer loyalty

Our proven Web3 loyalty framework aims to revolutionize customer experience, customer activation, and customer retention.
Web3 Loyalty Framework Basis

The Web3-Loyalty-Framework

We offer the optimal framework that can be built on top of existing customer loyalty programs as well as function as a standalone product. The focus is entirely on creating special customer experiences without confronting users with the complexity of technology.

Two characteristics in focus

To create special experiences, the foundation of the framework focuses on 2 features. First, 100% Utility. A clearly defined benefit for the customer and for the company is crucial. Second, 0% complexity. We take advantage of the technology without leaving the technical set screws visible.

Web3 Loyalty Framework
Web3 Loyalty Framework minth

Seamless Web3 Onboarding

We provide clarity on the expected results of the Web3 loyalty framework. This includes seamlessly integrating the target group into the Web3 world to create a basis for innovative and special customer loyalty and activation measures.

It's time to take customer engagement to the next level

After all, customer loyalty has become an essential aspect that can determine a company's success in today's increasingly competitive and fast-paced business environment.
NFT Agentur & Beratung


There is a need to move from transaction-based to emotion-based rewards, such as non-monetary benefits, to retain customers.

NFT Agentur & Beratung


Almost all touchpoints with brands are largely a one-way street of interaction. Customer needs are rarely the focus.

NFT Agentur & Beratung


In a market where competition is increasing and the cost of customer acquisition is skyrocketing, long-term customer loyalty is essential.

Breaking new ground together.

Are you ready to initiate the change? I look forward to a get-to-know-you conversation to explore initial opportunities for using Web3 in your business model.

Florian Suckfüll

Florian Suckfüll
Founder & CEO

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