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With our initial analysis, we show companies what options are available to them in the Web3 area and how they can use them to achieve their business goals.

Why companies should let us advise them on their Web3 strategy

RTL Deutschland

Fabian Vollbach

Head of Creative Direction at RTL Deutschland

"As the RTL brand, it is important for us to make the best possible use of innovations and the opportunities they offer. For this reason, it was important for us to also recognise the basics and possibilities of Web3 from the very beginning. In doing so, the minth team showed us very good ways to implement a Web3 strategy."

Haufe Metaverse

Iris paech

Director Online-Marketing Haufe akademie

"As a leading provider in the further education sector, we are naturally always on the lookout for new learning experiences that go beyond the existing. For this reason, together with minth, we decided to integrate Web3 technologies and virtual spaces. Our Metaverse project quickly generated a lot of euphoria and enthusiasm. We are already looking forward to expanding virtually to offer our customers more innovative experiences."

What you get from our web3 potential analysis and how you benefit from it

Overview of own possibilities with NFTs, the metaverse and artificial intelligence (AI)
Overview of the market and competitors' Web3 activities based on our research
Our Web3 Business Report with our top Web3 trends for businesses in 2023
Free initial consultation to identify individual opportunities and possibilities
Exclusive access to our practical experience, implementation expertise and industry understanding

Value: 499 €

Free initial Analysis
Web3 Analyse

This way, we were able to create the most popular loyalty campaign for Foot Locker

NFT Agentur & Beratung


As part of our proven approach, an analysis of the business objective in focus and the existing measures is essential.

minth Web3 Consulting

Market potential

Based on our experience and broad industry knowledge, the options are based on best practices in the market. We also pay attention to previous implementations by competitors.

minth Web3 Consulting

Options for realisation

The implementation options are based on the ways identified as most user-friendly and efficient. For this purpose, we create an initial concept to work out all the advantages.

Florian Suckfüll

Florian Suckfüll
Gründer & Geschäftsführer

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Florian Suckfüll

Florian Suckfüll
Founder & CEO

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