Strategy Development for long-term Web3 excellence

If desired, we also accompany companies throughout the entire project and beyond, building technology expertise and empowering teams to master the project in the long term.

Long-term project success through fruitful partnerships and further development

Continuous development

In order to constantly increase project efficiency and customer satisfaction and to achieve economic success, it is important to continuously review and develop established strategies.

Obtain expertise

We act as an external Web3 studio for our clients, directly available - from strategic orientation to technical expertise.

Agile collaboration

Our interdisciplinary team has expertise in engineering, creativity and project management. Our agile approach to collaboration drives innovation in an effective way.

Web3 Beratung Florian Suckfüll

Direct and long-term added value with your own app as a community hub

minth Web3 Workshop

Long-term utility with your own app: 90-Days-MVP

We build your Customer Loyalty & Community MVP as a web and/or mobile app within just 90 days. From the first idea to the finished product in the app and in the Google Playstore, we take responsibility for the project.

minth App

Lifetime value booster: Community APp

Take advantage of a community hub, gamification and cross engagement as a hub for communication to customers and sustainable customer engagement.

Breaking new ground together.

Are you ready to initiate the change? I look forward to a get-to-know-you conversation to explore initial opportunities for using Web3 in your business model.

Florian Suckfüll

Florian Suckfüll
Founder & CEO

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